Another ENT appt today - update on me

Discussion in 'Support' started by Amelia, Jan 22, 2014.

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      Hi everyone,
      Just wanted to pop in and update - especially after my last post about sinus surgery ...

      I had another ENT appointment and it now looks like surgery is off the cards as she thinks my issues are allergy related (I tested quite highly to dust mites). So our plan of attack now is to increase my nasal steroid spray, start using a saltwater nasal spray and she wants me to start the process of allergy desentisation.

      I have been given a referal for another hearing test - which will also include tympanometry and acoustic reflexes for ETD

      She also thinks that there is a posibility that I'm having some sort of migraines - as most of the headaches and pressure I feel is localized to one area, so she wants me on a 6 week course of anti-migrain medication. Not keen in that at all - especially if it effects my T, and pretty far fetched as far as I'm concerned.

      Failing those working, she basically said she isn't really sure what to do for me :( and we spoke about the T again and she just said its one of those things you have to ignore and realise that it's not going to hurt you ... Just annoy you. Something everyone here knows all too well :(
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      Thanks for the update Amelia. As I recall, you were nervous about the surgery anyway, so maybe this is a good thing?

      I think the desensitizing is a good plan. It is worth a shot. Afterall, what have you got to lose?

      Do you have hearing loss?

      Where are your headaches Amelia? I have suffered with chronic cervicogenic headaches, but has significantly improved over the last 6 years. Not exactly sure why, but I know what a bugger they are, and how they impact on your quality of life too! My dr wanted me to trial ergometrine way back, but I declined when I read about the potential side effects. I wasn't convinced that I was suffering with migraines anyway. You would know this, but you need to weigh up the benefit/s of trialling the medication against the risks ....

      I suspect what helped me was getting off analgesics, trying to relax as much as I can, heat to affected area, exercise, addressing gut, liver, hormone issues with naturopathy etc. I am happy to elaborate if you are interested. I also found trigger point injections helpful...have you considered a myotherapist to do some trigger release work?? You might find this effective in itself and not require the migraine meds.

      Let me know how youre getting on. All the best.

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      Thanks @DebInAustralia :) and yes - avoiding surgery is a good thing for the moment!

      At this stage I don't think I have hearing loss - although obviously it's possible in the very high ranges as it happens to everyone as they age, however I believe my T is related to either a nasal wash I did one night ( the ringing started after that) or a combination of stress and these ongoing sinus/allergy issues.

      I guess the thing about the migraine medication is that I used to suffer migraines when I have younger and what I'm dealing with now is nothing like those. It's not even a bad headache - it's more pain and pressure on one side of my forehead. Like right now I have pressure behind my left eyes and my left forehead, but no headache ...

      I'm not currently taking any medication (except for my vitamins for T) so it's not related to anything there, and I am seeing a naturopath - perhaps in light of my appointment yesterday I should see him again to see if we need to change things up a bit.

      I've also never heard of myotherapy ... I'll have to look it up although in my small town I don't think we would have a practitioner.

      Today I plan on buying a cheap diary for my to record symptoms and hopefully find some sort of trigger or link to my symptoms - and if nothing else it will be a record for when I see the ENT again, and something if I want a second opinion

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