Another Year With Tinnitus — Forgot Today Was My Anniversary!

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by pef, Mar 17, 2015.

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      Well, another year with T. One year ago I posted this: Details of my acoustic trauma and initial dealings with T are in that thread.

      I was working this morning and I realized I had completely forgotten about March 16. It was also the first time I thought about my T for the day - perhaps around 11:00 AM.

      It gets better. If you are new to T, hang in the there. It will take your mind some time to adjust, but you can make it happen. I hear my T right now as I type - maybe about 11.5 kHz fundamental hiss in my left ear, and a nice, soothing 6 - 8k Hz square wave in my right ear. I do think about my T every night when I go to sleep, because in the silence I do notice it, but it does not keep me from falling asleep. Some nights it does seem louder than others and I am not sure what causes it to seemingly fluctuate in volume.

      I still am very diligent about protecting my hearing - I don't listen to loud music any more, I plug my ears when I will be around very loud noises. Also, I have not given up shooting - still shooting .357 Mags and .44 Mags, among many other guns, will no ill effects (I wear both ear plugs and ear muffs).

      Hang in there everyone!
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      July 2014
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      Acoustic trauma
      Are you as happy as you were before T?
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      Pretty much. Would be nice if I didn't have it, but in the grand scheme of things there's nothing I can do about might as well occupy my mind with something else.
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