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Discussion in 'Support' started by Moondynejoe, Sep 13, 2015.

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      I have had tinnitus for as long as i can rememer to some degree. I had a lot of ear problems as a child including numerous infections a burst eardrum and glue ear requiring grommets. Overall i would say my tinnitus is reasonably mild like a 3 but unfortunately i also have an anxiety disorder and at times of heightened anxiety it becomes a complete focus and at times seems a lot louder than i beleive it really is. I used to be on sertraline for my depression and noticed a huge reduction in my sensitivity to my T and for 13 years i was well under control to the point that i didnt even notice my T most of the time and even when i did i wasnt bothered by it. I recently went off sertraline and was fine for 6 months but a few weeks ago i had a massive break down and my anxiety has gone through the roof and of course i am now focused on my T. My pdoc prescribed valdoxan for my anxiety and depression but other helping me get to sleep it doesnt seem to do a lot for my anxiety or depression after 4 weeks at 25mg. I guess the point of this long post is to ask if anyone here is like me and have an anxiety disorder that effects there T or perception of it and if they have an ssri or other anti depressant that helps them. I have an appointment with the dr on tues so i am looking for some ideas of a med to change too.
      Also i have prescription for xanax which i know will help my anxiety but what would the effect be on my T i have read that it can have positive effects but i am scared to anything to make it worse.

      Thanks a lot for any advice.
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      Hi ,the xanex will be ok to take for anxiety short term while your other medication builds up as takes 4-6 weeks build up in your system and to build the dose up too that will help with depression and control your anxiety too..
      You will get through this as you know your medication will help but takes time.

      When on your back put one hand on your chest and one on your stomach and breath slow to the count of three and make your stomach rise too.
      Breath out slow to the count of three.
      Repeat this till you feel totally relaxed...lots of love glynis
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      Valdoxan is a slightly useless depression medication, about as effective as regular melatonin.
      It might help some people fix their sleep routine (and make them happier in the process) but thats about it..
      It wont do much about your anxiety.

      The xanax sounds like a better solution. Try a small dose such as .25mg and see if it makes a difference for your t. If it does, I believe it is quite harmless to use it for a short period (like 2-3 weeks) in order to get over your temporary breakdown.

      If you are reluctant to take a hard hitting drug such as xanax, you might talk to your doc about alternative anti-anxiety meds. Wellbutrin comes to mind but you should probably just avoid that (ototoxic), Buspar might be something that helps you.
    4. jeanneguy

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      Yes, I have Y, hypercusis and anxiety and depression. I take Remer on and Paxil for my depression. I'very taken benzos for anxiety but can't get them anymore. My doc got in trouble for over-pets cribbing them. Plus I've been red flagged at pharmacies because I had to put myself into rehab because I got so addicted to them that I couldn't get off them safely on my own. And it's good that I can't get them because, if I had them, I would do what I did in the past...take too many to try to sleep and end up in the ER with an overdose.

      I love to sleep because it's an escape from my T which seems to be getting worse every day. I do stained glass and that helps me a lot...keeps me from focusing on my T. I also have hypercusis.

      If there's something you like to do, do it as much as possible. I even get relief when I balance my checkbook and work on my budget. Whatever it takes, right?

      I know anxiety makes my T worse.

      I understand all too well what you're going through. It's a living hell.

      I didn't think my T could get worse but it seems to be getting worse daily.

      Good luck to both of us.
    5. John G

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      Hey Moon,

      I have tinnitus and anxiety . I have had both for over 20 years. I am 44yrs old now and still continue with these conditions... and it really effected my terms of it hard being social,talking in front of a group of people,furthering education etc...

      Basically, all my life I wondered why my anxiety kicked in because in my mind I was calm .. but then all of a sudden out of knowhere, my anxiety kicks in and then mind would go blank,and my heart would race so dam hard.

      2 weeks ago, I was searching the internet on anxiety and came across someone saying that they took some magnesium supplements and said that it really helped with their anxiety,heart palpitations etc.

      I always get heart palpitations with my anxiety all the time so last Sunday I went to the health food store and bought Magnesium Citrate supplements. That same day I took 3 capsules and later that day I felt so much better. Felt a calmness that I haven't felt in years.My tinnitus is still here though. It's been about 4 days of taking the magnesium and I am much calmer and my heart is not racing and palpitating like it used to.

      If this is a placebo effect that is happening ... it's a pretty strong one on me lol.
      I will see how things progress. I am still researching.

      Check online about Magnesium and anxiety,also Magnesium defficiency
    6. John Duck

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      R.Reid Wilson wrote a book. Don't Panic Taking Control of Anxiety attacks.
      It really really helped me.
      I would strongly recommend this.

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