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      Hello everybody.

      I am Stavros, I am from Greece and I am new to Tinitus.I am 16 years old and I can't imagine living with this for my whole life.I am too pesimistic and I also have slight depression so I cannot pretty mu h help my self at all.My hope is in this forum.
      My tinitus first appeared when I had my ears examined in order to complete an application thst would allow a teenager to work.The doctor said that my right eardrum was a it damaged.He noticed that I hadn't taken the otitis vacine,something necessery to complete the examination,so he did the vacine.When I returned to my home,I wanted to watch a show and then relax.At some point I started listening to a sound like the one that flashbangs make in some games when they explode.Some minutes ago,it went away.When I fell to sleep I could only hear it if I covered my ear with my pillow,so I just didn't do it.Some days ago it just went off..When I started working as a waiter,there was a day that there was too loud music due to an event.I could really feel the irtitating sound and I was consistently covering my ears.Late in the night,when I returned home,I just layed on the bed and slept in two minutes.Three hours ago I woke up and the ringing was loud as hell.I panicked,I thought that I was crazy.The next day I quit the job and went to the doctor whose speciality was in ear problems.The previous one wasn't something like this.The doctor examined a damaged eardrum and a hear loss of five decibels.I asked if there are recovery possibilities.She said that there are as I am not that old.She said that I sgould start taking some gingko biloba capsules.So I did.Some days ago I could barely feel the ringing if I covered my ears.Even at nightime.Some days after that.I went to a concert because my father was working there as a security guard.It was a one chance opportunity because it was free for me due to my father working there and there would be my favourite singer too.So I went.The concert took place in an open area at the beach so I stayed away from the speakers.When I went home I could feel a ringing in my ears,,slightly increased than the previous one.I expected this to happen but still,it got better again.On 23 of August I went another concert with my ftiends because it was my birthday.This time it was a closed area with too loud noises.I rwally knew the consequences but I still went due to being pressured by my friends to do so.I didnt go in until I wanted to drink something.I was covering my ears while waiting for the drink.When I started going towards the exit,the crowd stopped me as it was huge.Then the singer staryed singing and I was next to him.And there I was.Unable to move next to the singer and the speakers.When I went back home I could feel the same loud ringing as the first time I came back from work.It took me some time to sleep
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      Hi, Stavros, and welcome!

      I'm so sorry this happened to you, and at such a young age. I think that your ears were already sensitive from the damaged eardrum and the slight hearing loss, and when you went to the concerts, especially that last one, it was just too much for them.

      Right now, it would be best to rest your ears and avoid being around loud noises, such as at a concert. Give your ears some time to heal. Then, later on, it would be good to invest in some high-quality ear plugs (some others on this forum may have suggestions for which type would work best), so that if you're caught in a situation like that again, you can use the earplugs to protect your ears.

      You could go back to your ear doctor, and request a prescription for prednisone, a steroid. For people whose tinnitus is new, that sometimes works to improve the level of their tinnitus. If you do this, you should do it right away, before too much time goes by.

      Also, in the future, you could try taking N-Acetylcistene,which is a supplement that protects your ears from further damage.

      We have a lot of great suggestions and supportive people on this forum, who may have other suggestions for you.

      Take care, and I hope your ears begin to settle down soon!

      Best wishes,
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