Any Links to Free Official and SAFE Resources to Self-TRT, Self-CBT?

Discussion in 'Support' started by CDNThailand, Nov 25, 2016.

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      MP3, Stress, TMJ
      I'm 4 weeks into this and seems it will be for good...

      So might as well start attempting to treat myself!

      Problem is I'm in Thailand, and no resources here, or if they are, very expensive, snake oil ENT's and more importantly...DANGEROUS sometimes! Bad advice, treatments that might make things worse ect....

      There are also no Psychiatric help, unless you pay tons of money, they just don't have English speaking psychologists over here.

      So I need to do this alone, no friends and family, just a girlfriend living with me, (no English...), however I must say she totally saved my bacon on this crisis, I'm fortunate to have her;)

      So what now? I have to fix myself, and I need good information and resources so I don't do more damage!

      I have T AND H now...but coping relatively well, much better than when it started (y)
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      currently unknown, conductive hearing loss suspected
      the following pf file might help a little bit, it does involve some work on your part but if it helps even a little it is better than none.

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