Anybody Got Good Results from Acupuncture or Other Alternative Treatments?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Kelsie, Jan 11, 2016.

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      any one get good results through acupuncture or other alternative treatments for T? Started acupuncture, koren standard therapy and nutrition treatment taking magnesium, b12 and other vitamins.. Feel like my T has decreased at least 50% since trying these things.. Can't hear it at all during the day and it's a much softer sound in the quiet or at night or when I plug my ears.. Hoping things stay this way, been about 3 days since it decreased!
    2. Jahhsoul

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      Unkown (not acute acoustic trauma).
      What acupuncture method did you use? Can you concret?
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      Hi Kelsie!

      I'm glad you're feeling better :) It's worth pointing out that your tinnitus is still very new -- many, perhaps most people with tinnitus see changes (and, usually, improvements) over the first few months. So, it's hard to say how much any of the stuff you're doing relates to your improvement. Also, because you're doing a bunch of different things, it's sort of hard to separate one from another. It certainly doesn't sound dangerous, though! A

      Lots of people have tried acupuncture; there is not good evidence to suggest that it's helpful for tinnitus. But, acupuncture is basically the same thing as "dry needling" which has become a pretty conventional treatment for muscle trigger points, and it is pretty well established that trigger points can make tinnitus worse.
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      @Jahhsoul not sure, I'll find out. He's not doing tinnitus points actually based on what he saw when he evaluated me he determined that my problem is coming from my liver and heart, so he is doing liver and heart points. He also stressed since I don't eat meat, malnutrition might be the cause of my t, so I can't say which is working but I saw the biggest improvement after the acupuncture.
    5. Zug

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      Hey @Kelsie! Liver and Heart are commonly used to treat Tinnitus because this condition is seen as an imbalance on those meridians (probably your doctor told you they are "weak", "cold" or something like that). You shouldn't take it literally. It doesn't mean there's something wrong with your liver or heart, just that that's the way your accupunturist will find the points to treat you on this condition.

      I did acupuncture on the first 4 months on a regular basis. I also did it in other periods of my life when I had other issues. In my opinion, you shouldn't see it as a bullet aimed straight at your Tinnitus, but as something that can make you feel better overall. Chinese medicine is based on this ideia of well being to the whole body, something those that are not used to it may find weird and difficult to grasp.

      In reply to your question, I was felling like shit when T started, I think it helped me feel better.
    6. Natalie Roberts

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      Pregnancy or mild hearing loss.. Who knows.
      I tried Accupuncture once. It freaked me out so bad and made me extremely on edge about my T. I thought I noticed a slight spike after the session also but that could be in my head. The Accupuncture dr was certain she could help but I just never went back. I do like getting massages that focus on my trigger points though and help relax me.
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      AUgust 2015
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      dont know yet !!
      in my case I had --T-- between 2009 to 2012 and I did many accupunctures sessions and it did absolutely ZERO ! ...
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      acoustic trauma
      I found this study about acupuncture and tinnitus today, see attached file.

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