Anybody Know a Member jennie mae?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Mad maggot, Jun 25, 2015.

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      She posted here about ten or eleven months ago with symptoms exactly like mine but hasn't been online on this site since. If anyone knows her, please tell her to check her inbox as I'm keen to hear if she found out what this damn annoying tinnitus synchronous oscillopsia/nystagmus is! I've only found two others in medical text books with this symptom and one was due to multiple sclerosis, the other they never found the cause.
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      Hey there Sarah. I'm not Jennie Mae but I met you on a different forum and you and I had same symptoms too. We corresponded a bit. My T / shaking vision problem has been bad lately and I was googling around and found you again. I see that you experienced some relief in Nov 2015 due to a splint for TMJ. Very interesting. If you come back to visit I'd love to learn if the splint is still helping.

      My T is alleviated by manipulating my neck / jaw, for instance, if I pull jaw forward it stops. Thinking I should pursue similar fix.

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