Anyone Else Have This Blood Rushing Sound?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Constable85, Jul 30, 2015.

    1. When I stand up out of bed in the morning I hear what I believe to be the blood rushing around my left ear pretty loudly and then it slowly dissipates. And sometimes when lying down or just sitting in a chair I can hear it very lightly, sounds sort of like a light fan in the room. I can sometimes stop it by pushing on my neck. It's not a loud pulsing sound. The best description is the sound of blood rushing around or like a light wind in the ear. I'm not sure if I've always had this or not to be honest. I've been hyper focused on my ears ever since my regular T got my attention. I don't fear this blood rushing sound to be harmful as it sort of makes logical sense, I mean I get it, blood noise rushing around my ear, not great but it's easier to understand than the weird regular T tones and sounds. I even decided not to do a CT Scan for this because I don't think it's worth the radiation and the doctor that ordered it was reluctant and I didn't trust him to give the CT San a fair analysis. But still, just curious if anyone else had it too. And, I think the main fear of any kind of T is that it will get worse.
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      I don't think it's anything to be concerned about now, but if it gets worse, you might want to have further testing. Do you have it in both ears, or just one? I believe that it could have to do with the fact that your ear (or ears) are already injured due to the tinnitus, and are sensitive to the sound of blood rushing within your body.

      I'll admit that I have this sound, too, in my right ear only. I had tinnitus for at least 25 years in my right ear (mild), and then mine got worse after taking a blood pressure drug. That's when I began hearing the pulsating sound. It does sound like you described, but yours seems to be very mild compared to mine.

      My advice: Don't do anything now; just observe, and consider further testing if anything changes or gets worse.

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      I hear this from time to time. Never thought anything about it.
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      If it's momentary like that, it's probably a curable vascular issue as you have mentioned.
      I've heard that before. As for myself, I'm pretty sure the lower rumbling tinnitus is more prominent when waking up from an hour of sleep or a nights worth of sleep. Perhaps I have a combination of blood restriction, and low frequency noise exposure damage.

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