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Discussion in 'Support' started by markki, Jan 30, 2017.

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      inflammation of the ear canal, t started after ear drops
      Hi! I got tinnitus in november 2016 after doctor had prescribed me to use ear drops called ciproxin hydrocortison.

      This was due to inflammation of the ear canal and my ear was completely clogged. I went home and immediately when i dropped first drop inside my ear canal my ear popped, my hearing was clean and at the same time tinnitus begun.

      First time it lasted for 1 week, then i had 3 weeks completely silence and then it came back and its been like this for 5 weeks at least.

      My guess is that T started because the pressure that was pressing my eardrum released too fast.

      Is there any kind of method that could help me or some kind of cure for my cause.

      I have an appointment with a specialist in 1 month but it would be very helpful if someone else could help me before that.

      My tinnitus isn't loud and at the moment and I'm not afraid of it or anything like that.

      Actually i have accepted it to stay with me for rest of my life however i would be more than happy to get rid of it. Reason for me to write here is that i could find someone else with similar case and have an advice how to cure exactly this kind of T. Thanks for answering!

      EDIT: sorry for my bad english. Finnish is my mother language so there will be loads of mistakes :D

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