Anyone Else's Tinnitus Intensity Seemingly Related to Sleep Cycle?

Discussion in 'Support' started by EddieL., Jun 28, 2022.

    1. EddieL.

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      Acoustic Trauma
      3 years into tinnitus, and it's been a rollercoaster, but now I'm in a strange place where the intensity of my tinnitus seems to be on a very specific schedule.

      Right now, I'd say my baseline is at a 3 or 4 out of 10, to which I've habituated, but now, every 5th day upon waking it's up to 8 to 10, which I consider unbearable.

      Granted, it doesn't stop me from doing what I need to do on that day, but it's agony.

      Then, on the next day, I'm usually at a 5 or 6, then back to baseline on the 3rd and 4th days, and then the cycle starts all over again on day 5, at some point while I'm sleeping.

      I have to admit that I'm happy for the consistent schedule so that I can prepare myself mentally, but it's definitely strange.

      Anyone else have this experience?
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    2. Joe Cuber

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      Gradual hearing loss + a huge amount of stress
      I have something similar, though not a 5-day cycle, and not quite a cycle (not yet at least). I'm 3 months since onset of a fluctuating unilateral tinnitus in my right ear. It varies day by day precisely on the sleep boundary. I wake up to whatever my experience will be for that day. So sometimes it's a 0, sometimes a 7, and sometimes in between But each day is usually consistent--whatever I wake up to is what I get for that day. I sometimes get two 0 days in a row, and sometimes I get two 7's in a row. Sometimes it goes back and forth. It's bizarre to me that it's established while I sleep.
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