Anyone Get Tinnitus Spike or Hearing Loss from Topomax?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Coyotesheaven, Sep 24, 2016.

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      I've been having a lot of episodes of sudden hearing loss recently, largely in the very low frequencies but also a little in the high frequencies.

      While I think the losses are due to complications of chronic lyme disease, my hearing loss accelerated as soon as I upped my dose of the drug to 50 mg and 75 mg, and I essentially lost low frequencies every day I took the drug (prior to taking the drug, I only rarely had low frequency losses). I have since stopped the topomax on Thursday after slowly tapering off the drug for a week.

      Does anyone know how ototoxic topomax is? Under the FDA it is not listed as being ototoxic and hearing loss is supposedly a rare side effect, but I highly doubt that because taking topomax lead to elevated ammonia levels in the blood and is essentially a neurotoxin.

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