Anyone Have Any Success Stories of Tinnitus from a Cold?

Discussion in 'Support' started by worriedd, Apr 21, 2016.

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      Fluid, from a cold. No noise damage or infection.
      Hey, I'm just looking for any success stories you've heard about from a cold induced tinnitus? I really need some positivity as I just saw a quite negative ENT.
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      Ear infection
      I had an ear infection. I am thinking that part of my problem IS that I panicked. My audiologist for TRT says everyone has some sort of tinnitus and the panicking can re awaken it like no other. Don't do what I did please and focus on it. I don't mean that to say that you are easily able to NOT focus on it.

      I am sorry I don't have a success story for you yet. What I will say is that the worst thing I did for myself was sit there and think about the T constantly and freak out. I basically TRAINED my brain to be aware of the sound like a soldier could train to hear and instantly awaken from hearing the slight noise that could be a threat. We apparently have a very amazing yet complicated brain and when we react to T it is making us hyper aware and it makes it louder and louder and we have masterfully trained our brain to be aware of the sound no matter what.

      He equated it to being a new mom and hearing the child ever so softly in the middle of the night. The noise would never have awakened the mom before. But after becoming a mom, a woman would jump up and run to the baby from the tiny sound. It is so much louder. I can relate to this because it happens to me still with my 6 year old!

      The first thing this audiologist told me when I first got T and I freaked out was to stop thinking about it as much as possible, to go on with my life and DON'T google it. I didn't follow any of those instructions and I completely panicked and now I have to retrain my brain out of this. Maybe not to the point that I will never hear T again but to a point that maybe I had it before and was habituated? Or maybe just where it doesn't bring out this enormous fear in me.
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