Anyone Hear Rubbing Sounds — Like a Physical Sensation — That's Reactive?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Thuan, May 9, 2021.

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      Ear infection right ear 2018. Sound trauma left ear 2020.
      For the record, I have bilateral neurotinnitus, the infamous high pitch EEEE that is in the head but that is not the type of tinnitus I am having issues with at the moment.

      For about the last year, I started to develop hyperacusis and reactive tinnitus in my left ear. This type of tinnitus is a physical sound that I can feel. I at first thought it was pulsatile tinnitus because it sounds like blood rushing. I'm still not sure whether it is pulsatile tinnitus...

      My question is, does anyone have this physical sound that seems like it comes from your ear canal? Sometimes it sounds like blood rushing or boiling water. Sometimes it sounds like bone crunching. Sometimes it sounds like scratching on a cardboard paper. Sometimes is sounds like joints cracking.

      These are physical sounds that I can FEEL like touch sensation. This reactive tinnitus happens when I hear sounds OR when I rub my ear lobes or area around the ears. For example, when I swipe my fingers across my left ear lobe and then immediately afterwards, I hear "WHOOOSH WHOOSH CLUNG CLUNG WHOOP WHOOP whoosh...clung...whooosh..." for a few seconds.

      Another thing I noticed is that if I tilt my head to the left and stick my pinky finger and rub the inside, the reactive tinnitus is gone for a few seconds. For these few seconds, there is no reactive tinnitus to sounds or rubbing the ear. After a few seconds pass, the reactive tinnitus is back!

      This reactive tinnitus has gotten so bad that typing on a keyboard, sounds from my footsteps, or swallowing saliva is triggering this reactive tinnitus.

      Note: I had a hair stuck in my right, non-reactive, tinnitus ear before and when that hair was rubbing my ear canal it sounds EXACTLY like this reactive tinnitus on my left ear. However, I have checked my left ear many times with an otoscope and there is no hair stuck there.

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