Anyone in St. Louis, MO?

Discussion in 'Support' started by grandfunk1, Mar 5, 2015.

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      I have recently gotten Tinnitus, im 23 and a musician. Im looking for support to meet up with and talk about tips, and maybe to start a support group to up awareness. There are many music venues and clubs in St Louis, we could be at them handing out earplugs.

      I also want this cured, as fast as possible. We need to rise up and be the cure for ourselves. Raise money and awareness.

      I believe the ATA is a great organization, but i also believe they don't reach out to the younger generations who will be the ones with tinnitus in the future.

      - Brian
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      Brian. Just spread awareness and get a good set of musicians plugs and IEMs . try to not play as loud.
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      Good for you.

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