Anyone with This Tinnitus Sound (10,000 Hz Wind Noise) Habituated?

Discussion in 'Support' started by TLion, Dec 25, 2018.

    1. TLion

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      stress/loud concert
      I have almost exactly this sound.

      10 minutes wind at 10 000 Hz as sound therapy...

      It's not very loud but I can hear it through many everyday noises.

      I'm in this worsened sound since May 2018, before I had years of normal eeeeee which was ok. Anyone with this sound relaxed and habituated?
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    2. Michael B

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      I have a 6kHz pure tone. Not very relaxing. It's often intrusive at its louder volume. Am I habituated? I'm aware of it every day but there are times when I don't pay attention to it. That's about as habituated as I'm going to get. But I'll take it.
    3. PortalNaut

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      Late 2/2018
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      Noise Induced
      Mine T is around 11.4 kHz, and pretty steady, not like that wind which was varying so much. When it is louder than average it is hard to ignore, but actually I do find that getting lost in my work activities I do forget it's there for an hour or more. Lately, it is has been quieter, so that is good. In the past it would sometimes dissolve to a static type noise which was more bearable.

      But for that wind-like T, even if bothersome, it comes down to accepting it's 'there' and then focusing on other things. The more energy we give to something'e existence the more it can capture our minds and keep us aware it's there. Of course this likely does not apply to people with severe T.

      One time I told my wife "it takes so much energy ignoring it (the T)" so I know it's a tough thing to handle. But hopefully your T will reduce or you can get to a point where it is less bothersome. But as to high frequency itself, you have company. In fact, I've heard people having T at 14k and also 18k.
    4. another sean

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      Los Angeles
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      Long duration of low audio
      mine is 11khz and I've habituated.

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