Are Hearing Aids the Solution for Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Dr. Stephen Nagler (MD)' started by Tinniger, Dec 8, 2019.

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    1. Tinniger

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      Uncertain, now very somatic, started with noise?
      What do you think about the fact that many tinnitus clinics sell hearing aids to almost every patient if there is even the slightest sign of (age-appropriate?) hearing loss?
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      @Tinniger, perhaps the best way to answer your question would be to turn it around just a bit. After all, a clinic cannot sell you a product unless you purchase it!

      So, as I see it, in terms of whether or not to purchase hearing aids for the purpose of tinnitus relief, you first want to know from the individual recommending that you purchase them precisely what benefit you can expect to derive given the severity of your tinnitus and given the state of your hearing. Then you need to figure out for yourself if that benefit is worth the price you are being asked to pay for the particular hearing aids that are being recommended. And finally - if the answer is yes - you will want to have a trial period (usually four to six weeks) to see if the hearing aids will actually provide the stated benefit to your satisfaction. Also, you will want to be sure to clarify ahead of time whether or not there is a "restocking fee" should you ultimately decide to return the hearing aids before the trial period expires. If there is a restocking fee, you will want to try to get the clinic to waive it.

      Hope this helps.

      Stephen M. Nagler, M.D.
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