Are Ultrasonic Humidifiers Dangerous to Tinnitus / Hearing?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Purple_diamond, Sep 21, 2020.

    1. Purple_diamond

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      B6 overdose

      I have seen here that ultrasonic dental cleaning is considered harmful for our ears.

      Does anyone know if this also applies to an ultrasonic humidifier for example?

      I want to use one but I don't know if I have to buy this particular type or an older style evaporative one.

      Thank you in advance.
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    2. Eric N

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      noise + 3 major increases via (shouting / MRI/ flu+Tylenol)
      Anyone know the answer to this? I wonder how loud the ultrasound needs to be to generate mist.
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    3. nogg

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      Computer noise
      I also don't know about this. But what I do know is that whenever I make a purchase, the noise level of the device is front and center in what I choose. I will gladly pay more for a product or will choose a product that is less energy efficient if it means a quieter or silent option. So, read the reviews for products focusing on any mentions of noise levels and examine the spec sheets for noise dB ratings carefully. Manufacturer claims of products being quiet are usually junk.
    4. Ngo13

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      Baby scream (acoustic trauma)
      I've been using an ultrasonic humidifier to sleep. I didn't realize it could be dangerous and now I don't know what to do.

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