Are You Interested in Seeing the First Novel on Tinnitus Published in English?

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      Are you interested in seeing the first novel on tinnitus published in English? Calling publishers, writers, editors, or others working in the publishing industry.

      Last fall I published my debut novel ‘De vorm van geluid’ (‘The Shape of Sound’) in the Netherlands. It is probably the first novel about tinnitus published by a mainstream publisher (Van Oorschot) and was very well received by both readers and critics. The first print sold out in a few weeks. Many people have asked if my novel will be translated, some have insisted it should. My novel is about the struggle we all know so well, but ends on a positive note. Many readers have said they were inspired by it or now have a better understanding for the impact T can have.

      As a translation has to be initiated by a foreign publisher I make this call. If you work in publishing or know people who do and who might be interested, please forward this post to them or send me a pm. All suggestions are welcome.

      Warm greetings from Utrecht, Gregor

      More info about my novel (in English):
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