As if one noise is not bad enough:(

Discussion in 'Support' started by valeri, May 27, 2014.

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      I have this new sound in my "used to be healthy" ear now, it's sort of high pitch and very different to what I have had for nearly three years in my other ear.
      Freaking out now, it's been a week and not sure how to live with different noise in each ear.
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      I'm sorry. I know it's frustrating and sounds hard to believe now, but it will certainly get easier. :) Chin up!

      Is your other ear/new sound constant?
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      @valeri : I completely understand! I've suffered from tinnitus for going on 14 years, and the second tone, also in what used to be the quiet side of my head, started about two years ago. I was freaking out too. It prompted me to try new treatments and see new doctors but they still haven't given me any relief. Honestly what helps me most is getting out of the house and being busy. It's still there, but when I'm busy I think about it less and that makes all the difference. Yesterday I got so busy that there was a 2 or 3 hour stretch when didn't think about it at all, and what a blessing that was! You'll get through it the same way you did before, by staying strong and optimistic, and doing it one day at a time; if that don't work, take it an hour, or even a minute at a time. The important part is that you stay strong, and think about how good the day will be when we all get some relief.
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      Sorry to hear that you are hurting with a new tone to your T. Sometimes, people get multi-tones in their T. I can understand the fear for this new tone when it is new to you. However many people live with 2 or more tones and habituate to that too after some time. The most famous example of that is David Letterman. Yes, even the best comedian has to deal with multi-tone T too He said he has a low and a high pitched tone tinnitus 7/24. In this 1996 video he and William Shatner (Capt. Kirk of Star Trek who also has T) were talking about each other's tinnitus and even cracked some jokes on it. Letterman said jokingly that while he is entertaining his audience, his 2-tone T is like the emergency broadcast system being tested in his brain. LOL. Looks like people can still live a normal & productive life with multi-tones in their T. So relax and don't panic. Give it time for the body to get used to it. Hope you will do better in time. Here is the youtube video:
      David Letterman with William Shatner - March,...

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