Atrophy of Brain Areas and Hearing Aids

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      A very important and touching question for many of us.

      Many of us, of those who are burdened with the problem of tinnitus, live in hope. Hope that scientific research will learn to regain part of the inner ear - hair cells, damage of which is the main cause of ringing in the ears and hearing loss.

      But! It is important to understand and determine - are not unfounded, are our hopes real in this direction ?!
      The fact is that one good audiologist said about the following - that with the loss of hair cells (hearing loss) over time, parts of the auditory cortex that processed the sound signals of the corresponding frequencies somehow die, atrophy, cease to function properly.

      Therefore, many people who have put on a hearing aid too late perceive new frequencies as unnatural, and in some cases, even with hearing aids, continue to disassemble the speech.

      It is important to keep these areas of the auditory cortex alive, for this purpose it is recommended to carry the apparatus. Unfortunately, today the high-frequency frequencies of 10+ kHz do not compensate for the device, but still.

      It is also important for me to know whether there are any data on the question of how quickly these areas of the brain are atrophied.

      Correct if I'm wrong in something. And give, if you can, some kind of information.
      Thank you!
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      Hearing loss can lead to brain damage, Alzheimer's etc etc

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