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Discussion in 'Support' started by Rico Napoli, Sep 6, 2014.

    1. Rico Napoli

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      So now with my new friend T I had tickets to the Colombia vs Brazil match in Miami sold out crowd 78,000. Does anyone still attend sporting events ? This really sucks what am I suppose to spend the rest of my life at museums ?
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      Hi @Rico Napoli -

      Colombia v Brazil, huh? Should be a great match! Noisy too.

      Go to your local pharmacy, and buy ten sets of earplugs. That's one pair for you - and nine additional for any folks nearby by who'd like to follow your lead.

      Have a great time!

      Dr. Stephen Nagler
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    3. AUTHOR
      Rico Napoli

      Rico Napoli Member

      Thanks Dr the match was this evening I stayed home and miss all the beautiful Brazilian and Colombian women that go along with the atmosphere of banging samba bongos. Ear plugs I will look into tomorrow staying home was depressing.
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      my god @Rico Napoli, it sucks that you stayed home!!! :(

      I have been to several hockey games in Montreal... You might know that we are big fans in Montreal, the games are always sold out. about 21k people...

      It is loud of course, especially when the crowd cheers... I've been to about 10 games since my T started. I always wore earplugs throughout the game and no increase in my T.

      I have also been to the Monster Trucks, with earmuffs.... these are REALLY loud...never had any problems.

      When it comes to loud events like that, protecting your ears is all it takes. The only place I would not go anymore is a club.
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    5. luckyman316

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      As a Rangers fan myself, who suffers from tinnitus, I want to offer you advice. I recently go to a NY Giants Pre-season game and have Giants season tickets. Funny enough, my mind is distracted enough during the events for me to forget about the tinnitus. Try focusing on talking with people around you about the game and such and you will barely notice you have tinnitus. I'm hoping to get to MSG this year. Since the tinnitus and inner ear issue, I have had to sit lower levels.. no complaints there :)
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      Uh-oh,..I'm a Boston Bruins fan so I'd better not post anything in this thread....:D

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