Auditory Synaptic Adaptation Stability Therapy

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      I am new on the forum. I am from Poland and I experienced acoustic trauma in laud place. I have hearing loss from 15kHz and my T is close to 15kHz itself.
      There is one clinic in Poland which seems to be innovative and it offers or Acoustic Neuromodulation CR or Synaptic Adaptation Stability Therapy.

      Do you have any experience with Synaptic Adaptation Stability Therapy?
      Do you think it is effective?
      I have got some research data from the doctor - I think I can share it with you to be able to have further discussion.
      Below I just attach short part of this:

      We developed verification of new treatment tinnitus patients by auditory synaptic adaptation stability therapy, that assumes increase volume of Arc/Arg 3.1 by control and regularly decrease acoustic stimulation in the range of hearing loss. First results show positive aspects and bring new way to treat tinnitus patients with lack of correct adaptation nervous system to sudden hearing loss. The aim of this research is to perform Auditory synaptic adaptation treatment for larger group of patients with sudden hearing loss and tinnitus that wasn’t treat by any type of stimulation or therapy and continues for more than 5 years.

      After 12 month of using synapse adaptation stability stimulation that decrease four tones stimulation in time (simulated in the perception of tinnitus threshold. In tinnitus questioner, 18 subjects from 30 marked a significant decrease and reduction in perceived tinnitus threshold. 2 subjects didn’t feel different, as no change was noticed. For 10 subjects there was change but not significant. More effectivness of this type stimulation was noticed in patients with high pitch frequency tinnitus.
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      Noise - I think
      Hi and welcome to the forums.

      Synaptic Adaptation Stability Therapy is a new one to me. I couldn´t find anything about it from a quick Google search. However Arc/Arc 3.1 is a protein involved in neuroplasticity so I guess it might have some similiarities to the VNS treatment.

      Can you post a link to where you have found the information about the treatment?

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