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Discussion in 'Support' started by Yellow Ledbetter, Jul 25, 2013.

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      So went & got a hearing test and there's no loss, so thats good news......however now I play the waiting game to see if my T is going to be chronic :bawling: ....... i've been told to go back if it's still there in a couple of months, so they can do more testing to see how I got it, and if there's some underlying cause. I got it originally from a pain killer, which didn't help my shoulder at all!! I'm still angry at myself for not doing research on the drug to see the side effects :mad: , but I guess there's nothing I can do about now.....I just have to deal with it. Has anyone else here got it from a medication? Is it common? All the things I read on the net are a real downer. I've had a rough patch with it recently when it spiked for a week and thought I was going to go mental from it, but held it together....just! However I went back to my doc as I was getting alot of pain & blocked feeling in my ears, and he gave me Pseudoephedrine as he thought it was those tubes in my ears. Since then pain & sensitivity have gotten better and T has calmed down..... So another (probably silly) question, has anyone ever heard of sinus affecting their T?? In the end I guess it's all connected......
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      Based on what I read on this forum and my own personal experience the causes for T can be mixed. Personally I tick a lot of boxes like long term sound exposure, medication, stress etc. I guess I will never know, and that goes for a lot of people I would presume. What I find a little strange is this "chronic" diagnosis or "permanent" as some doctors say. Who's to say when it's become permanent? And is anything permanent? How do one measure that? Did someone tell you any exact amount of time? My personal take on this is that no one can know what is and what isn't "permanent". Perhaps we should find a new word to replace it? :rolleyes:

      Ps: I also did a lot of pain killers for shoulder injuries (adhesive capsulitis in left shoulder and impingement syndrome possible SLAP in my right) prior to my T. I took Ibuprofen with codeine for about 6 months on and off. But I also have Hyperacusis so it's a rather complicated road to map. Could be a plethora of reasons for my T.

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