Bad Spike from Loud Noise. Be Extra Careful with Headphones :(

Discussion in 'Support' started by cruzmisl, Oct 11, 2016.

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      My T recently started a few weeks ago. I had the general fuzz acrn site open and was testing the 16 khz single tone for a few seconds. The output volume on my computer was louder than I thought it was previously (why didn't I double check??? I forgot about the dual volume levels) and my ringing got worse after I slowly increased the volume on the page. This was just a moment of complete stupidity and carelessness. They weren't in-ear buds which probably would have been much worse but in retrospect, what a stupid, stupid thing to do. Regardless, my T has spiked from this and I feel like an idiot for even using headphones and messing around with something that I shouldn't have. I tested the same volume at lower HZ and it seemed kind of loud, much louder than I'd listen to anything. I just didn't know it was that loud.

      I appreciate the site and I'm certainly not blaming it for my moment of stupidity, but please be careful with these sounds.

      My wife even told me to earlier stop dwelling on things and reading stuff. I didn't listen and just made it worse. My old (but new) T could be easily drown out but this is much more trying. She also says I'm probably also focusing on it more which is also making it much louder, and increasing my anxiety that makes it even louder, but it does seem louder. I'm feeling further down than I did before. :(

      I guess this was just another lesson to learn from. I'm staying away from headphones now.
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      When you say it sounds louder, it probably is! Mine certainly is. I'm not anxious about it, just fed up. Mine is truly off the scale (is there one?) today. I agree reading stuff can make us dwell on it, I also try only to read positive things. However, not much positive happens to a lot of folk. We live with a monster, but we have to adapt.
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      earplugs/ hearing loss
      How are you a week later? Maybe it was only temporary worsening ?

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