Bad Spike, Struggling to Stay Positive

Discussion in 'Support' started by shrimp, Sep 10, 2016.

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      Hey all. It's been one year since I first got my T in august last year. I was totally habituated, getting along nicely after the first 4-5 months of pure agony/anxiety trough the roof, panicking over my life as I'd known it being over etc. I was feeling triumphant even, that I'd survived my first year of T and I figured the first year is probably the worst as it took some time to start trusting that I COULD overcome, it was possible to live with T even be happy and enjoy life with T. Yes I knew T can spike but I figured if it did I'd be more prepared than when I first got T and it totally threw me into despair.

      And then, this spike hit :( Past week it's been increasing and last night I woke to my T having gone crazy. I'm panicking, trying to calm myself down, telling myself it might be temporary as I've got a cold and my sinuses are a mess, also I have a slight ear ache on my T side and my jaw hurts, lots of stress as well at the moment that could be causing a spike. I know all this, I also know that even if the spike sticks I'll survive and adjust with time. Trying to just get on with things not pay too much attention to it, masking first time in ages, just staying busy. But really struggling today, feeling gutted that I'm almost back to square one after having habituated and gotten my life back. Fearing nighttime and how I'm gonna get through. New job starts monday morning as well so timing is horrible.
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      You have a lot going on with the new job and all so your anxiety may be higher than normal. Chances are your T will return to its normal condition in time. Grin and bear it in the meantime. You'll get through this!
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      Congrats on the new job! Good luck!

      I'm on 8 days of a spike that couldn't have came at a worse time as well with my stress being at an all time high prior to it. Funny how that happens. I've got crap sinus issues going on, too, and most people I know are complaining about allergies right now. Spend your weekend with family and friends and distract yourself as much as possible :) Life still has to go on :) I've had a few moments the past couple days where I swear my T stopped. No masking or anything. Like I was so involved with what I was doing I couldn't hear the ringing at all. I actually caught myself like "where is it!? omg! where is it!" then in a split second the "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP" came yelling on back at me, so habituation is still possible :)

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