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      I've had tinnitus now for about six months, I've noticed lately I am stumbling and falling more. Is this common for people suffering from tinnitus?
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      No, I don't think that's common in tinnitus per se, but all of these things could be caused by some pathology of the inner ear. Have you been evaluated by a doctor recently?
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      Sensorineural hearing loss right ear.
      Get checked for Labyrinitus or Mal Debarquement syndrome. The latter is rare.
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      Its not common , but the can be related because of the proximity of the organs that control balance and sound . In general when viral laberynthitis or vestibulitis will feel inmediately , very strong dizziness or vertigo . But will not be mild . But stumbling and falling is not really what you get when viral lab or vestibulitis . You instead feel like in a boat or in a boat into a storm . Maybe de T is keeping your attention too much and you dont notice very good each step . ?

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