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      I started having tinnitus March 2019 due to losing my sight from a brain metastasis. I then needed to have lung surgery to remove another one and the stress caused me to have really loud tinnitus that was really adding to my health sorrows. One feeding off another.

      I went to the Tinnitus Clinic in London and saw an ENT guy there. It was such a relief to talk to someone who I felt knew all about tinnitus and he did lots of tests to ascertain the pitch, volume and hearing loss. Which is slight and I’m lucky as I have had cisplatin and oxaliplatin cytotoxic drugs both of which can damage hearing. But my hearing is almost normal and I can tell you that I have been rather binging on benzodiazepines and mirtazapine and zolpidem to help get me through two years of surgery and chemotherapy and loud tinnitus all the stress and worry. There was absolutely no pressure selling from the tinnitus clinic but he suggested the best treatment for me would be their version of TRT. Masking earpieces worn most of the day and sleeping to a white noise too. Calibrated to match my tinnitus. I had the earpieces fitted on the day I was given a terminal diagnosis. You can imagine what that does to tinnitus levels.

      But nevertheless, even though these have been two really tough weeks the earpieces have really helped. When I’m wearing them I just ignore the noise easily because I know it’s only the headphones and when I take them out of find I’m ignoring the noise mostly because that is becoming a habit. Even tonight watching tv without the headphones I kept forgetting about the noise. This is at the most stressful and difficult time of my life and the masking is a godsend.

      I’m now able to focus on integrative medicine and how I am going to save my life and find the road back to health, and at least the tinnitus is no longer driving me mad marking life unbearable.

      So for me, so far I’m really glad I’m doing the treatment and it’s allowing me to focus my attention away from tinnitus and how I can find my cure.
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      noise induced
      Thanks for sharing, glad the tinnitus is improving, and hope the cancer treatment goes well.

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