Benign Intracranial Hypertension / Dissected Carotid Artery — a Causel Effect of Pulsatile Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Sage, Jun 10, 2019.

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      have tinnitus and have recent PT, from recent sinus infect
      Hi all,

      Has anyone found that one causal effect of pulsatile tinnitus is benign intracranial hypertension?

      ...or dissected carotid artery?

      Gee, the more you look, the more there is to find... No wonder this malady is so difficult to diagnose...

      I have perused this forum long before I signed up, and have found no discussions in these two areas...
      (Of course, I will keep looking).

      Good day to everyone, and find comfort in our paths to good health...

      Hope to hear from others... Thank you.

      the Sage
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    2. linearb

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      I've thought about it as a possibility, but I'm not getting a lumbar puncture to find out, lol
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      October 25, 2018
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    4. Greg Sacramento

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      syringing and now somatic T dental work
      134 posts on intracranial hypertension and 640 on the carotid artery.

      One reason why it's hard to compare others to self with pulsatile tinnitus is because of history. A lot of personal questions need knowing.

      Does the person smoke
      Heart or thyroid problems
      Injuries to neck - date of injury
      Neck X Rays - C spine space narrowing - spurs.
      Blood work - CBC - thyroid results
      Color deep vein ultrasound of neck.
      Does the PT ever lighten up or disappear and how often and length of time. What was the person doing when change happened.
      Type of sounds such as humming, thumping, whooshing. Humming may also include the thyroid.
      Can it be heard by stethoscope called rhythmic, vascular, or pulse-synchronous tinnitus.
      Has pulse study been done at other pulse sites.

      With other forms of tinnitus, some will also have vascular blood flow PT, but most will never notice it.
      After neck injury, vascular PT may not show for days, months or even years as the narrowing of a vein or artery which produces sound may not happen until healing.

      Just a few articles of a hundred that I would recommend.
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      have tinnitus and have recent PT, from recent sinus infect
      Good morning, my thanks to your comments and input for this newbie...

      linearb: yes I agree, I have no intention of any invasive treatment, if ever... I may be new here, but I am not naive to the risks of intervention in an effort to find a quick solution.

      Greg: thank you for your in-depth analysis for my benefit... I do realize there are many variables in cause and treatment... who would be so foolish to assume a prognosis, before weighing all the criteria that coincides with their particular issues. Too bad some doctors are quick to order tests, particularly if the patient is anxious for a quick answer... money, money, money ..... lolol

      And yes this is no "cookie-cutter," one-size fits all malady; so many variables to consider.

      I have been on this forum only a few days, and until now never heard of Pulsatile Tinnitus. But it's for sure real and there must be a plethora of information right here, ready for finding.

      Again, thanks and have a good day, and to your good health.

      the Sage

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