Best Remedy for Tinnutus Caused by Anxiety?

Discussion in 'Support' started by rshimizu12, Nov 6, 2016.

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      What is the best remedy for curing Tinnitus caused by Anxiety......?

      Yesterday my anxiety was fairly high.Went down after around 2pm. I went to a friends house & started having a headache. Took some Ibuprofen. Around 10pm my Tinnitus was blaring. Went out to a bar and had a few cokes. This was probably mistake. but did so anyways because caffeine does not keep me awake. Went to bed around 1am and was only able to sleep a few hours.
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      Meniere's Disease
      For some rest,exercise , medications,deep breathing,reducing stress,lower caffeine , don't go asleep full of work issues and things on your mind so write things down.
      Counselling and support of your doctor and the forum...lots of love glynis
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      Hi rshimizu12,

      It will depend on your tastes and personality, but for me, listening to relaxing music on low volume (not using ear phones either!) helps as does going out for walks (which I will do shortly as it's a beautiful crisp fall day). I also enjoy computer programming which helps to take my mind off the ringing.

      Overall, anything you can do to decrease your anxiety and stress while taking your mind off it works well. In my observation, the more you panic, the nastier it gets, so don't panic and just play it cool. Remember, tinnitus won't kill you! Good luck! :)
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      Pregnancy or mild hearing loss.. Who knows.
      Mindful meditation .

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