Beware Expired Eardrops! Also, a Question About Rexall Ear Drops

Discussion in 'Support' started by ringringer, Aug 18, 2018.

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      expired earwax drops, stress, or past exposure from earbuds.
      i foolishly listened to my dad's advice to just give the ear drops another go. only after getting the stuff in my ears did i notice they went bad back in 2016 :mad: tossed 'em out immediately but it's too late lol.

      now this noise is in my right ear too, when previously it was contained within my left. how awful. it throbs occasionally too. and i won't be able to see anyone till next wednesday!

      take caution!

      i also gotta note that when i used the drops in the ear that was causing me issues originally, i felt this large glob fall that left me kinda deaf for a bit, along with the crackling of the wax.

      as for my question about rexall drops, are they any good?

      and while you're here, is asking the doctor to remove the wax manually a good idea? i know syringing is a no no.
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      Meniere's Disease
      Only let ENT remove wax with any procedure.
      Chemists have a basic sterile ear drop you could use till get seen by your doctor as long as your drum is not perforated.
      love glynis

      Always throw away old meds especially eye and ear drops after a month of opening.
      love glynis
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