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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Renegade, Oct 5, 2016.

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      In February of 2016 I began to experience a sharp pain within my right ear. An urgent care physician whom I visited shortly after did not find signs of infection or trauma but decided to prescribe antibiotics. No relief was gained. Since I have been living with a concert of symptoms that include tinnitus, migraine, throbbing sensations in several parts of my head, anxiety and depression. Two CT scans and 6 MRI's later I still have no answer as to what may be causing these symptoms. Has anyone else experienced this?
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      Any stress, or medications? What about your diet?
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      Acoustic Trauma/Vascular
      Yes, this sounds exactly like when health started heading back in the same month. Have you looked into fibromyalgia at all? From the looks of it everything you have could simply be migraine related, but *cough* that is what they told me until I found out it wasn't so.

      You can read my intro story to look into some of the avenues I have pursued and (some) of the treatments I have tried. Feel free to ask me about anything!

      Hang in there new stranger!
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      Punishment for being so darn good looking!
      Sure sounds like acoustic trauma too me. I remember a time not really all that long ago I was doing a tile backsplash around a bathtub. I borrowed a guys small electric tile cutter that you have to plug in and fill a tray up with water that lubricated the diamond blade when cutting the tiles. Worked great however it was a messy little saw. Because it would shoot a bit of water in the air, I placed it in the bathtub on an old towel (so not to scratch the tub) and made my cuts there. It was loud. I mean nasty loud and was even worse being in that tub and me hovering over it while cutting and fitting the tiles to the wall. I had no ear plugs at the time and just decided to get on with it and get the job done! That night I felt like my ears wanted to bleed! So sore! Nasty sore. Stupid me just carried on with life as normal and in a few days the soreness got better and better. That is when my tinnitus first started. Was after the soreness went away but I obviously assaulted my inner ears terribly.

      Acoustic trauma does not require this much of an assault. Could be even hitting your head but nothing that hurt you so bad you needed a doctor. Ear buds and ear phones for music are nasty too and trap sound waves between the middle ear and the bud. The waves must get absorbed somewhere and if they are trapped in there, they absorb in there!

      I went thru all those tests but not as many MRI's. Had 2 MRI's and thought that was one too many. So you really have to think back about everything. Medications, jaw issues or grinding teeth, head trauma, ear buds or loud music, nasty nagging ex-wife on the phone!!! :D You might be surprised what may have brought all this on.

      Do you still have sharp pains in the ear?

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