Bought an Otoscope with Camera: Hair Coming Straight Out of Eardrum? What the Heck!

Discussion in 'Support' started by SibilantRange, Feb 14, 2021.

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      So I bought an otoscope that has a camera and connects to phone. It was like $40 from Amazon. Just to see how my eardrum is.

      Apparently my right ear, which is also my problem ear with hyperacusis and faint tinnitus, has a hair sticking out of my eardrum.

      This scared me when I saw it. I don't want to mess with it as I'm unsure what I'm doing.

      Is the hair growing through the eardrum? WTF! This may be the root of my whole problems... I can't believe it.

      How can such a long hair grow out of my eardrum?




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      Systemic Fungal Infection from Black Mold exposure.
      That is NOT a hair. It's a mold hypha. You have a fungal infestation. It's not an infection. They take over your body and turn you into a spore making factory. That "ear wax" has hyphae in it. The little clearish things sticking out of your eawax are hyphae. I have seen SO MANY of those hyphae I can spot them immediately. All the little strands in the pic that shows the end of the hypha in your ear drum are hypha. If you look close at the end you can see one hypha strand, it looks like it's growing up next to it and hasn't wrapped around it yet so if I were you I'd go ahead and give it a gentle pull & it should slide out easily. If you feel any pain or resistence stop. I have just begun longterm treatment with fluconazole. You'r ears don't look good! And that is ABSOLUTELY a fungal infestation! You probably always feel like there's something to blow out your nose all the time and yet nothing ever really comes out. My guess is your back sinuses are full of the same as what you're seeing in your ear. I'll be praying for you!

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