Brutal Tinnitus — First It Was Mild

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by andretolei, May 15, 2015.

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      Hi I got my tinnitus the 4th may 2015. I have been big fan of loud music both on big speakers, bose qc25 noise cancelling headphones, in-ear headphones. It started mild on 4th may and developed to severe today the 15th may 2015. I cant focus now even. I am trying to mask with rain or other noises, but it doesnt mask. The only thing that can mask my tinnitus is White noise at loud. Very very annoying!!

      I am hopeless. What to do... i never knew this could happen to me... ;( im crying periodically.
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      This is how mine started. Moderate, with louder spikes in one ear. Then it would get so loud in left ear, move to my head an over to the right ear...I could turn the volume on high and still not be able to mask. YIKES. My audiologist rated it as severe.

      Thankfully, the spikes became less and less. Now the T is in both ears, and my head but I seem to manage it. I think you will find that your T will start to subside as well.

      Hang in there!
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      Hi Andre

      First of all, you are not alone, we are millions of people living with T, and all of the people here in this forum can understand what you are feeling right now.

      Alot of things can be done, in order you to start handling your T, but what needs to be done ASAP!!, is going urgently with a very good ENT, because you have and acute case of T (only 10 days), they can prescribe you steroids.

      Go to the ENT now, if your medicare system does not give you an appointment soon, you will need to pay a private one from your pocket, it could be the best invested money.
    4. AUTHOR

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      what is ent?
    5. Xorthian

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      Initial 2012. Massive spike 4/2015
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      Noisey Lifestyle. Increase from infection.
      Any doctor that specialises in ears. They clean them up or help with infections.
      In worst case scenario go to your general doctor but they wont help a lot (but they may give you prescription for corticosteroids)

      Immediately stop listening to loud music or anything at all for couple of days. Gives your ears a rest because you might be adding more to the injury.

      Talk with doctor about short course of prednisone or other corticosteroids, it may help it might not but definitely wont damage your hearing more.
      Here is more information: with research data linked.

      In your case I would go to any hospital with urgent care that specializes in ears and tell them you suspect sudden hearing loss as you hear everything worse and tinnitus is louder. It will be partially lie but it allowed me to get hold of meds when I needed it most.
    6. JohnnyMx

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      Ear, Nose and Throat specialist, in some countries they are called otorhinolaryngologist.
    7. dan

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      Steroids work 48hrs after the trauma.....not once the T is in the brain.
      I think a better idea is to do a course of trobalt, as to inhibit the brain from hyperactivity.
      Judging by his chronic noise overexposure, the damage is old already, but the brain suddenly decides to respond to it.......So if steroids fail, I would go with Trobalt or Keppra.
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      Sustained loud noise through headphones
      When my T started (no thanks to being careless with headphones) it was already in my brain, and seemed very loud and couldn't be masked - it would react to any sound and get louder. I was in despair for months after that. One year down the line and I had learned to ignore the noise - for the most part, and it's not anywhere near as bothersome as it used to be. I wish you the best!
    9. RB2014

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      12/2014 became noticable
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      Loss of hearing and then stress and anxiety
      The more you let it affect you the louder it will get. Read the success stories and start on your road to recovery.

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