Bruxism Could Be Worsening/Causing Your Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by Depressed, Sep 19, 2018.

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      Sleep bruxism, also known as nocturnal tooth grinding, is the medical term for clenching or grinding teeth during sleep.

      I suppose I'm not saying anything new, but it's worth a reminder. Most people who grind their teeth at night are unaware of it, so unless you have very obvious symptoms it's hard to know that you have this condition or that it even exists at all. Unfortunately teeth grinding can cause tinnitus, and the more stressed you are, the more you grind your teeth, which in turn worsens your tinnitus.

      I went to a dentist and he confirmed that I was a grinder, so I had a mouth guard made, which I got in early August, and after wearing it every day since then, my t has improved a lot. Most of the time I don't notice it, and it's only really bothersome when I'm in complete silence.

      I hope that someone can get some relief from this. Good luck and stay strong.
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      Noise exposure from power tool
      I agree. My thing with the mouth guards (I have one as i am also a night-grinder) is that they seem to make me want to clench more. It seems like I'm constantly chewing on the thing. I've used one for over 3 years so it's not because I'm not used to it.
      The few times I've skipped using it I thought that I clenched less... Hard to say because grinding happens without you knowing it but I'd wake up with a jaw less sore than normal.
      But then I don't want to wear down my teeth as fast so I do still wear it.

      It is worth noting too that I never have a still mouth. I'm always either chewing on my lip or tongue, or drumming with my teeth or some other type of constant mouth movement. I do it subconsciously while awake too, and then when I notice it, I cease, but then my anxiety boosts to a million so I either forget about trying to keep my mouth calm and go back to doing it soon, or I just go back to drumming consciously to cool down.

      Whenever I've slept without a guard I'd stick my tongue between my teeth so that I can't grind. Been woken up several times from biting down on my tongue. Teeth grinding is a weird thing.
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      Loud music
      Yes that was my issue with mine. So I gave up after a few nights. Now I've got severe tinnitus and hyperacusis, and I'm wondering if I could have avoided/lessened the effects if I had persisted with it. But the noise traumas over the years that triggered my present state may have been enough on their own - who can say?
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