BTA Calling for Proposals for Large Research Project Scheme

Discussion in 'Research News' started by Nic, Feb 10, 2015.

    1. Nic

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      We know from our recent Q&A on the forum that there is a lot of interest in what the British Tinnitus Association (BTA) is doing to support research, so I thought you would be pleased to hear that the BTA is calling for applications to our Large Research Project Scheme which will help lead to improving the lives of people with tinnitus.

      There is a total of £75,000 available in the current round and it is anticipated that we will commission 1-2 projects of high quality.

      Applications are actively encouraged in the following areas, although all applications will be considered:
      • Mechanisms of tinnitus/identifying potential therapeutic targets
      • Existing and novel practice/treatment
      • Prevention
      • Population/demographic/epidemiology/economic studies
      The deadline for applications is Thursday 30 April and applications will be reviewed by an expert panel with decisions being notified to successful applicants in early summer.

      Only applications led by a UK institution will be considered and applications from individuals will not be accepted. Applications will be judged on scientific rigour as well as clinical impact.

      For more information see (which includes the Call for Proposal document)
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      Maybe that's something which could be interesting for team trobalt and the researchers they are in touch with ? @attheedgeofscience any view on this ?
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      Spend your money to make a stand to hurry up FDA approvals on anything that seems to work ... anything else is just carrying water to the sea. Or better a cup of water to a dessert.

      Or to find investor who want to buy a HIFU machines and donate it so we can have a cheap treatment for all Tinnitus patients.

      fast tracking is what we need!
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    4. preslys

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      good idea nills

      Iwant to know how much it costs the treatement and this machine?
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      Treatment costs $45,000 and machine costs 1 million(?)....does that help?

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