Can a Bad Tooth Cause Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Marton, Jul 3, 2013.

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      Right I have a bad upper right tooth(6th one), which also caused a chronic sinus infection.I had a root canal filling, but the symptoms didnt go away..
      Do you think that there could be any relation between that and the whistling in my right ear? I am wondering because it is my right ear and my upper right tooth..I dont have tinnitus in my left ear..
      ps: Im going back to the dentist soon.
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      Odd coincidence. My sixth upper LEFT tooth is bad (from a fever I had while it was growing), and has needed two fillings. My last dentist appt was 5 years ago, then 2 years ago I started getting T in my left ear.

      Sounds like a stuttering electronic tone. Not constant; it comes and goes. I went to a dentist (FINALLY) just a week ago and they said that tooth needs its fillings replaced. I'll be getting that done next week, crossed fingers..
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      Hmm thats interesting..Mine is more like a whistle and its pretty much there alla the time..
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      My uneducated guess is that the worse thing for tinnitus in that situation is possible minor jaw joint damage from lying with your mouth way open for a long time.

      While not related to my tinnitus, I had lower wisdom tooth filled once, and having my mouth open almost as wide as possible for ages did something to my jaw. A day or 2 after the filling, I returned to the dentist to get him to fix what I thought was his mistake; my bite was wrong, and I assumed it was because he didn't finish the filling properly. However, it turned out that my jaw was out of place!! It kept slipping in and out of place for many, many months.

      Google "trans mandibular joint dysfunction + tinnitus" (or "Tmj dysfunction and tinnitus"), and you'll get lots of results.

      Then there's obviously the drill noise, but I'd be surprised that was severe enough to start real tinnitus.

      I've wasted a big chunk of my life, but the only TRUE regret I have is not looking after my teeth. :D
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