Can Air Tube Headphones Be Safer to Use When You Have Pre-Existing Tinnitus / Hyperacusis?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Benjaminbb, Jan 3, 2023.

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      There's a type of headphones i haven't seen get coverage here. Between the speakers and your ear, there's a long tubing which the sound is transferred through. Like with an outer ear hearing aid. I thought some people may be interested as they use the same delivery system as 'safe' hearing aids.

      I struggle to use direct headphones due to sensitivity, so am going to buy a pair of these to test out of if there's a difference to at least take phone calls. Has anyone else used them?

      Amazon: DefenderShield EMF-Free Air Tube Stereo Earbud Headphones - Universal Radiation Free Wired Headphones with Mic & Volume Control

      We've all seen certain opinions on headphones from @Michael Leigh whilst at the same time supporting hearing aids & TRT machines. From what i understand, the argument is hearing aids are 'better' than headphones when it comes to noise/TRT because the sound is transferred through air tubes and not direct like a headphone.

      Others say 'sound is sound' and only loudness matters which is also understandable.

      @Michael Leigh, is that justification correct?

      Will be interesting to see if these make a difference.
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      I have explained many times in this forum, that hearing aids and white noise generators use an entirely different technology to headphones, earbuds and headsets when delivering sound into the ear and auditory system.
      It is not just a matter of "sound is sound," it is the way the sound is delivered which is the most important thing. Please read my posts on white noise generators and hearing aids again.

      I have never heard of air tube earbuds and headphones - thank you for the information. After reading about these, I advise anyone that has noise-induced tinnitus, and contemplates using these devices, to think carefully before using them. Whilst the earbud or headphone driver unit will not be close to the ear, I believe the sound waves generated through the tubes will be stronger than those delivered through wearable white noise generators and hearing aids.

      As previously explained in my posts, the sound through white noise generators and hearing aids passes through a tiny aperture/hole in a plastic tube that goes over the back of the ear and enters the ear canal. From what I see, the air tube on earbuds and headphones are considerably larger. The sound waves will be stronger and could irritate the ear and auditory system and possibly make tinnitus worse!


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