Can Dysacusis Cause an Increase in Pitch to Tinnitus and Crackling?

Discussion in 'Support' started by DeanD, Jan 19, 2023.

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      Yesterday, after an online medical call using computer speakers at barely audible levels (30 dB to 40 dB) the baseline of all my tinnitus tones jumped considerably (as much as 10x).

      It wasn't just the volume, but also the pitch!

      I'm noticing that not only is every tinnitus tone now much louder and at a higher pitch than before, but the crackling in both ears now sounds like glass breaking, it's so intense.

      The crackling started a month ago after a minor acoustic hiccup (60 dB max) which at the time also pushed up the pitch of all tinnitus tones.

      I suspected ETD for the crackling starting a month ago (although started immediately after the 60 dB incident) but not sure.

      It just seems to me that these 'incidents' at volumes nowhere near possible to cause damage are somehow increasing an auditory gain. Like someone turning up a pitch dial, and now volume dial.

      I woke this morning and the tinnitus was so high pitched I couldn't even hear it or make out what tone it was, but I could feel it attacking my ears in a sharp biting manner, it was so incredibly intense.

      I am noticing a tinny overtone to higher pitched frequencies, which sounds a little like dysacusis, and things sounder louder than they should.

      But could hyperacusis and dysacusis be causing all this!?

      I am at a point now where my baseline is disastrous and spikes are, well now unlivable.

      I have been wearing earplugs a lot recently because I have palinacousis, reactive tinnitus and my really bad tinnitus just wants to grow even more intense without them in. I'm worried the earplug constant use, and pressure changes (which I have noticed some), may have caused some damage.

      I've been homebound now for over a month and certainly not exposing to any sound over 60 dB-70 dB.

      I'm in a bit of a mess and no idea what direction to turn.
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      I have tried every way to figure this out that is known to man, woman or beast. It just does what it does, the causation could be any one of many, many things, humans are very complicated. I don't know how you can wear earplugs, if I do that all I hear is mostly the tinnitus! It makes it much louder due to the pressure, and there is no opportunity to mask it w/ simple methods.

      Even if you're homebound, if you can find a way to get out, it will really help. Most cities have para-transit buses that will pick people up and take them to and from somewhere for free or at a nominal cost if transportation is an issue.

      If that doesn't work, can you at least get outside at all? There are a lot of sounds outside that can be helpful to mask our tinnitus. FWIW, I often wake up w/ mine very loud or almost silent, no reason whatsoever for this. Go figure? The best thing I can do is go about my usual daily routines and not sit around listening to it. If you can't get out of bed, find a TV show you like or listen to music at low volumes. Read a good book. There are often city/county/religious/spiritual agencies that can send someone over for a visit or a check in.

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