Can Hearing Aids Manage Hyperacusis Distortions?

Discussion in 'Support' started by lis, Dec 10, 2020.

    1. lis

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      I suffer from painful distortions that are triggered by sharp/impulse sounds as well as intrusive ringing.

      My question is: As a symptom management tool, will a low gain in-canal hearing aid would do the dual purpose trick of:

      Acting as a partial plug to reduce sharp sounds that triggers distortions, while amplifying environmental sounds to mask the ringing? I have no experience with hearing aids, so please let me know if this makes sense with current technology?
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    2. Juan

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      I asked this to my ENT some time ago and he said the answer is no, it is not likely that a hearing aid would be beneficial. People who benefit from a hearing aid usually have hearing loss in excess of -40 dB in most frequencies. On top of that it is harder for a person with sensorineural hearing loss to benefit from a hearing aid. It helps better when the hearing loss is conductive.

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