Can Hearing Loss Recover After Acoustic Trauma?

Discussion in 'Support' started by parabellum, Jul 6, 2020.

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      Acoustic trauma
      I already suffer from tinnitus since late-March 2014. So my auditory system is probably more sensitive.

      Sometime in June I went to a George Floyd protest. It was loud and I didn't bring any earplugs. I was there at the march for quite some time--something like 1 hour. I suffered an acoustic trauma from this event. After the event I felt ear pain and fullness so I definitely injured my ears.

      The following day I noticed my hearing had declined a little bit. 4 weeks after the protest incident, I went on a loud bus with no earplugs. I might have suffered another setback. I hope my ears can recover from these 2 incidents! I hope the slight hearing loss I suffered can recover.
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      Loud music
      Yes and no. I have experienced temporary hearing loss on numerous occasions following acoustic trauma. This can come and go at different frequencies and different degrees.

      However I'm afraid it is quite possible that your baseline hearing may have been affected. Have you had a hearing test? Be aware that if you have hyperacusis - over-sensitivity to sound following the trauma - there may be"hidden hearing loss".

      You don't mention tinnitus, so hopefully your damage has been mild and you can get back to what you were before. But you should be very careful to avoid further damage during this vulnerable stage. Don't use headphones or ear buds, and wear ear plugs in loud environments and keep your exposure short.

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