Can I Get a Hug or Something?

Discussion in 'Support' started by derpytia, May 29, 2014.

    1. derpytia

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      Progressive hearing loss / noise / ETD
      I've been doing so well lately! A month into having Tinnitus and I was able to go through my days and sleep well and ignore the T. I was happy and then I have no idea what happened but last night and tonight I got emotional about it when I heard it and started crying again like I did when I first go the T. It's so frustrating cause I was doing so well and I was keeping optimistic and then this happens and I feel like I'm going back to step one. :( I need a hug or someone to tell me that this is normal or that they were like this too. Or some kind of encouragement because the only one who can encourage myself is me and it's very lonely.
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    2. LeQuack

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      Bad luck and bad genes
      Yes it's very normal, at least in tinnitus world. It's a condition where you can go from fully habituated to feeling like having it for the first time in a matter of hours. I am a decade into this and still it happens a lot.
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    3. DebInAustralia
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      Firstly, BIG HUG FOR YOU!

      and yes, I think it is normal to have set backs. But, remind yourself whilst you feel this low atm, it wont necessarily be that way tomorrow...We are all here for you

      You are very new to t. I think youre already doing an amazing job getting on with things! Keep up the good work and know there is always someone here you can talk to if things get too overwhelming.

    4. LondonGirl

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      Just a month, sweetie! You're doing amazingly well; how you're feeling is perfectly normal and IT WILL GET BETTER! Your tinnitus may go but if not, your brain will adjust and it will happen naturally over time, you can't rush it, just expect that you will have good and bad days, and you will gradually find the good days take over. When I was a month in I could not function at all, you're already way ahead of how I was at the same time. Have a read through of the Success stories forum on here. Then look back at the first posts that some of those people wrote and you will see how far they have come - and you will too x
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    5. raymundo2245

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      noise induced
      I know the feeling, I believe its a process we all go to, and yes it is normal, the brain its got a buold a tolerance towards the dam noise, you were just strong and tolearant and skipped the habituation step, now you can try to build that tolerance by listening to it and that way your brain can accept the fact that the noise is there, dont fight it or it will be worse, accept it and embrace it, I heard and read that from a great man and actor William shatner who is also a sufferer of T, God bless you and wish you a quick recover, you gonna make it, we all have sweety, dont panic and be strong and hang in there
    6. Carlo

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      @derpytia first, a big hug! As you were able to sleep well and ignore T you already won the first main battle. IMO you are not back at step one, it was just a emotional reaction - absolutely normal. I took much more time to get in the process of habituation: you're already in. @LondonGirl is right: "Your tinnitus may go but if not, your brain will adjust and it will happen naturally over time, you can't rush it". Don't panic, and take care!
    7. jimH

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      Acoustic trauma
      Even though you don't feel like it you're doing amazingly well in such a short time! If you haven't already read this thread, I strongly encourage you to do so:

      I wish everyone that is relatively new to having T would read this thread. It gives hope that in time our ability to deal with T will get much better. When going through tough times we all need hope in order to cope. It seems that the process to habituate takes time. We still have our bad moments at times and perhaps a bad day now and then. However, as long as we are taking more steps forward than backwards we're making progress. You certainly are doing just that.

      Take heart! You're going to be ok.
    8. nogood

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      I do feel down.. feel angry and irritated some days feel depressed.. yell at everyone.. who says "get use to it "
      its also been a month plus for me now.. I use pills to help me sleep..
      You adopted so fast able to sleep and ignore it..
      you are doing great. .
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    9. citigirl13

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      Oh sweetie I know how horrible it is. The truth is though you are good at staying strong, we cannot be strong ALL the time. Trust me, it is completely natural for this to happen. I still have it now and again, nights where I just can't stand the T any longer. Some days I would give my right arm just not to have T (not my left though - I write with that one :p). T is very hard to adjust to BUT YOU DO ADJUST. It takes time - I am only four and a half months in and I still struggle. But those days will start getting farther apart. Just remember that you could still recover from this, so it is not always forever. But even if it doesn't go away, YOU WILL GET USED TO IT. It isn't always going to be so hard.

      You probably haven't had much sleep so I would suggest masking if needed. I had a rough night last night too and put masking noises on for the first time in months. Having T is basically "two steps forward, one step back". But remember, we get there in the end.
    10. click

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      Not sure

      It's normal.

      I was like it too - sat on the side of my best friend's bed in the early weeks of T and cried until I thought I would never stop.

      You will feel better again. You will be able to sleep again. You will feel optimistic again. You will be happy again.

      Even though it's three steps forward & two steps back - you're still moving forward. Your brain IS adjusting.

      It gets SO much better. It's been a long, long time since I cried & I haven't felt like crying about my T since.

      If you're lonely and need to talk then message people on here - message me if I'm online & I will talk to you - message anyone!

      Take care.


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    11. Leah

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