Can Someone Explain Why Everything Says I Can't Cure My Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Tinnitusboi, Aug 15, 2017.

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      So after the most anxious experience of my life lasting probably 3 weeks I started to get tinnitus.

      I have an anxiety disorder so my stress levels were absolutely through the roof resulting in muscle tension all over my body.

      I believe I have Somatic Tinnitus because when I open my jaw it increases in volume and pitch. Somatic Tinnitus by definition is caused by muscle tension. If this tension was most likely caused by my anxiety why couldn't I get rid of my tinnitus by controlling my anxiety and getting muscle therapy loosening the tension. It just seems so obvious but everything online seems to bash any kind of idea of recovery.

      Also why does everything online also heavily criticize the idea that anxiety causes tinnitus. I don't understand it seems very consistent that people suffering with an anxious episode get tinnitus. Also anxiety can cause my symptoms that are believed to cause tinnitus. I don't know I think there's a lot more research to be done on the link between anxiety and tinnitus.
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      Noise induced
      From my science knowledge I believe that it's because anxiety/stress forms reactive oxygen species or free radicals. Those free radicals are toxic to the body. And the hair cells and nerves probably being the most fragile to it. Thats my guess as to why stress can cause tinnitus.

      As far as your case, it seems like it has a good likelihood of going away. But the thing is everybody is different. Age and ear health all play roles. It could take weeks or months or years and we are impatient creatures. The thing about this condition is that you dont know of long it will take to go away or if it ever will and thats what drives people insane. If a person knew that their tinnitus would go away in exactly 2 or 5 years they would cope with it much better, but in reality people give themselves a random guess of when it will go away and when that time comes around and the T is still there they become upset.
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      Syringing + Somatic tinnitus from dental work
      Somatic T can arise from the somatic auditory system within the nervous system, mostly from neurological craino cervical interaction. If you have associated neck pain, then the above applies. For T to happen this way, then there's need of a physical reason for this to react with your nervous system.

      For example, your spine is sore from bending and picking up leaves off the lawn just after losing your job. The next day, you go to the dentist, your chin, veins in the mouth and neck become sore. Your nervous system was already on alert because of your sore spine from picking up leaves. Not as much as just from losing your job, as physical nervousness is just an add on. So any dental work where chin is bend forward and neck is bend forward will force a neuro vein situation to your ear structure, but not always the hair cells or your hearing.

      The reason why your spine hurts from picking up leaves, may be bad posture, an accident or a stressful life.
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      Hi Lucas, mine is also do to muscle tension caused by my TMJ. Have you gotten any better since August? Mine started Sept 1, im doing slightly better but nothing too significant.

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