Can Someone Give Me Advice and Guidance for Reducing My Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Alex Silver, Oct 17, 2016.

    1. Alex Silver

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      Part Loud Music / Part Hearing Loss
      Hello Everyone

      I started to get tinnitus after a massive ear infection while at school. Ive always had hearing loss from birth but the high pitch whistling started to frighten me. Following many problems in life i started to get pulsatile tinnitus.

      I've had many t-tube and gromit operations growing up and now suffer daily with pulse in one ear and high pitch in other. Im coming to the end of my tether.

      I'm unemployed and don't have the funds to go and see a private doctor, my NHS doctor is useless. Can anyone suggest a treatment that is affordable or an organisation that can help me please!
    2. gotyoubynuts

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      Dear Alex there are no treatments for tinnitus. Not even for millionaires! Learn to live with it, the NHS doctor is right about that...
    3. MikeP505

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      Punishment for being so darn good looking!
      Hello Alex and welcome to the forum.

      Sorry to hear about all these issues and most of us here know exactly what you are going thru. This is a hard time for us who suffer these conditions but not impossible to carry on with a semi-normal existence. Studies for treatments and cures are in the works as we speak so never give up. I also suffer a loud, high pitch ringing in both ears AND am pretty much deaf in both ears. I believe once you finally accept the things life throws at you, you will be able to move forward and get on living this life.

      There are quite a few treatments people use to get some relief such as "masking" "herbal remedies" and of course just working on acceptance. Since you have suffered so many hearing issues, your best bet it seems may to try to mask with different masking tracks and also talk to others who have some success at lowering this noise. Unfortunately for myself I have tried quite a few things to no avail. Does not mean I am giving up. I continue to look for treatments that may help as long as they are cheap. My income is also very low due to my situation so I am careful with the things I decide to try. Currently awaiting a herbal remedy I was told about from a trusted member here that is widely used in Chinese traditional medicine. It's quite inexpensive to give it a shot and seems harmless enough on the body so why not? Nothing is guaranteed to work even if it helps someone. What may work for them may never work for me or you.

      This is really going to be a tough road for you and I will not sugar coat it. Try to just accept it as best as you can and never stress over it. Stress will only increase the symptoms. A healthy diet, exercise and sleep is necessary to maintain your strength and sanity. You really can overcome these issues and still find many great monents in life once you make friends with your issues.

      Many decent threads available here to read up on and research. Hoping you can find something that helps. Just know that EVERYONE here knows exactly how you feel and what you are going thru. We all care and want to see everyone improve. Hugs to you my friend!
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    4. undecided

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      The most affordable treatments are:
      • Getting used to it (basically free of charge).
      • Benzodiazepines (your NHS doctor might be able to write you a script for those, they are dirt cheap in my country, I suppose they are cheap in the UK as well, as long as you don't go privately.) They are not a cure though, just a treatment and they don't work for some people. Kinda dangerous as well, if you have issues with addictive substances.
      • Alcohol. Some people report that a couple of glasses of wine help with their tinnitus. Alcohol is cheap, however the same principles (as above) apply.
      • Some off the counter GABA targeting "remedy", such as valerian root, passion flower, (ask your pharmacist). Could have a noticeable effect but you develop tolerance quickly and they might be pricey (~30 euros or more) per "bottle".
      It's a nasty situation. Either you get involved with narcotics (benzos and alcohol - which is more or less ethanol, a narcotic which has a profound effect on your central nervous system) or you have a rough road ahead of you.

      All other treatment methods are either too expensive or under research.
      Whatever you do, best of luck to you.
    5. Mahr

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      unknown, probably hair cell damage
      It'll be a bumpy road to acceptance. First you'll try anything to get rid of the T, and some things might even work for you. As for me, I need distraction to get my mind of the sound in my head. It's a balance between giving energy to things while the T also takes your energy. You have to find a balance between them.
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    6. volsung37

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      Get outside in nature as much as you can, preferably by the sea or in a forest. Your NHS doc is right. You can waste thousands of pounds chasing a cure that doesn't exist. Your body will cure itself if it can. As we Irish say 'a good laugh and a long sleep will help most things'.
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    7. linda moore

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      Loud music
      Hi Alex,
      I had tinnitus for a year before I begged NHS doctor to send me ENT I am not deaf at all but they suggested hearing aids it wasn't a remedy I thought of but decided to try ,you cannot see them it's a small wire with amplifier an the back of the ear..
      They have helped emensly I keep my music low but it's amplified and it reduces my T by 50 percent on a good day..
      Steer clear of drugs to addictive been there with Benzyl and amitriptyline ,I just discovered (thanks to this site) Cinnarizine doctor will prescribe or buy motion sickness pills from Boots , addictive free same thing free from doctor is better !! My T some days is FREE and other days 80 percent reduced,,the good thing is it makes you sleepy so I have been getting eight hours ,insomnia was the biggest problem without sleep your T will be problematic
      So rest, fresh air excersise if you can Steer of coffee and yes wine helps with sleep but the next day !! Loud T . Hope this helps. Linda
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    8. richard22

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      ear syringing
      Have you tried hot showers . . helps me and other people on this site

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