Can spikes happen early on?

Discussion in 'Support' started by mikey13, Feb 10, 2014.

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      still very new to this,but was actually doing pretty well the last 2 days. I didn't really sleep well since last Tuesday averaging 3 - 4 hours a night,but Saturday I came home from work and basically willed myself to take about a 4 hour nap, then went to bed early and felt pretty refreshed Sunday morning. then last night,I fell asleep on my own with no real issues and got almost a full 8 hours in. I've been leaving the TV on,and the new thing was using a humidifier not only to help with my sinuses,but the noise it makes is some good white background noise I've discovered.

      So anyway I've been pretty good Saturday night,all day Sunday,and most of today,with it lowered to a small background roar. i thought maybe i turned the corner. but i took a shower this afternoon,and the sound came back,big time! i know there will be periods like this where the sound will spike up ,but i always assumed that was after you had fully habituated to the noise? can you suddenly get a spike really early in this process? I'm just concerned if I somehow made it worse,or if this is a normal thing this early on?
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      Spikes can happen anytime, they are not related to how long you've had tinnitus.

      Don't worry. Taking a shower didn't make it worse.

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      It is common to have spikes. Many people find it impossible to predict what T is going to do next day. To live gingerly to avoid spikes can often be futile. So it is better to adopt the approach to accept T and its spikes particularly when you are very new to T. Acceptance will help you moderate your reaction to it and the brain will gradually harden to the sound if you don't often negatively oppose to T. So try to relax and go back to live and enjoy life instead of worrying about the on & off spikes. All the best.
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      next time you get a spike you can't account for check the weather and see if any fronts are approaching or the barometric pressure is changing.

      I made a thread about it but sometimes these changes will cause spikes.

      for example: I had a bad T spike after a plane trip in dec. It was gradually getting better but I noticed it was increasing when big cold fronts came through.
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      I'm 3 months into T with a more debilitating spike at 2 months. It's a shame because I was in a good place and getting habituated to it quite well, but I just had a spike yesterday due to listening to music in my car too loud for a matter of minutes. :facepalm: As a result, I had to mask it with water sounds to sleep for the first time. My headaches and vision changes came back as well. I slept well, and I think the volume of the T went down a little, but it was definitely a set back. At least now I know my limits. I've also had a minor spike at night once, but it got better. To answer your question. Yes, you can get some spikes unless you are careful and lucky. :)

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