Can Sugar Make Tinnitus Worse?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Cor, Jan 14, 2015.

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      Hey all, I stopped looking at my food consumption to find some kind of link with my tinnitus months ago. There just didn't seem to be any.

      But lately I've started to think that some sugars bring it on really bad within about 30 minutes. Not all sugars though, but I've had at least 5-10 instances recently where a specific type of cookie (with a very sugary frosting) would bring on bad tinnitus.

      I once read some post on Tinnitus Talk about why sugars can influence tinnitus, but I can't find it anymore.

      Anyone else have this experience?
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      My dad (very bad tinnitus) swears white chocolate ramps his up to a scream, so I think it's totally plausible that sugars can affect tinnitus.
    3. I who love music

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      mid seventies
      Years ago I noticed sugar increased my tinnitus and made my ears thump.
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      Punishment for being so darn good looking!

      A little news for you. Any sugar is a toxin in our bodies. Not to say give up sugar, but limit it so your body can work to repair other problems instead of attacking the sugar. Artificial sweeteners?? WAY WORSE on our immune system. So it may be possible that sugar has an effect on helping you deal with Tinnitus. Because your immune system has to battle this toxin, it leaves other areas alone until the toxin is destroyed. Nowhere in ANY medical journal, will you find sugar a necessity of life. It tastes good, therefore we consume it. Today most processed foods contain very little natural sugars, that are easier to destroy. It is much cheaper for a manufacturer to use High Glucose Fructose sweeteners in a product as it is highly sweet, and less is needed to make the product taste decent. Very cheap to manufacture and use. The more natural the sweetener, the easier it is on our system. Honey, corn syrup, molasses, raw sugar cane to name a few. Even that bag of table sugar we all have in a cupboard is easier on the system. None however is necessary to survive.

      The adverse effects may indeed increase your Tinnitus, but the exact reasons cannot be blamed just on sugar. More over your body is not fighting other things it could be fighting instead of the war from ingesting the sweet stuff. The less toxins we ingest, the better we feel in the long run. So treat yourself now and then, but also keep a decent diet of whole fresh foods going down too. I still crack open a can of soda without guilt because I also make sure my digestive system is in decent working order. When I see a can of Diet Soda however, I see a can of Arsenic.
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      No idea - maybe ear invections
      I'm new. I think this is where I'm supposed to post. It's regarding blood sugar. Like the fool I am, yesterday I went out and bought a bunch of different candy, ate a bunch, and went back for a rest with white noie. 15 minutes later I get up and my blood sugar is as bad as it has been for a few months. Everything pointed in one direction, so I checked my blood sugard it was 176, which ain't the end of the world. This morning before eating anything it is 117, but the ear ringing is back to normal. Normal is, yeah you know.
    6. JasonP
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      I have been greatly limiting my sugar now for quite a while and I have not had severe depression episodes although I don't know if it had an effect on my tinnitus. What happened before I started was I was experiencing some digestion problems so I restricted sugar in case I had candida. I noticed I had way less severe depressive episodes, if any at all. I supposedly was checked for candida at the doctor's office and was told I didn't have it.

      Anyways, for two or three times I had a lot of sugar at once in the past year or so and I had very bad reactions. One time was when I was pressured into having dessert and then having a "second helping". Within 30 minutes or so I was feeling very depressed and couldn't get negative thoughts out of my mind. Another time, I had an apple and loved the taste so much I grabbed another one. After the second apple I started feeling depressed and couldn't get negative thoughts of my head again. I looked on Google and it said each medium apple has around 19 grams of sugar.

      I'm not sure exactly why sugar is causing me to have depression but I have an idea. I think my testosterone levels are low. When I had them checked in the afternoon, they were low. According to a study I saw, 75 grams of sugar can drop testosterone levels by 25% up to two hours after consumption. Note: Low testosterone can cause depression in men. I don't know for sure if this is the case but maybe that's why. My mom can have sugar just fine and it doesn't affect her tinnitus or give her depression and my brother can have sugar and it doesn't seem to depress him either.

      I don't know if this info will help anyone or not, just putting it out there.
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      Ototoxic medication
      The past four out of five times that I've eaten ice cream my left ear will screech at me. I'll get a temporary spike. I have no issue with other sugary foods. Nor do I have a problem with coffee or salty foods.

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