Can Tinnitus Caused by a Loud Concert Go Away After 4 Months?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Gemini81, Nov 14, 2014.

    1. Gemini81

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      Hi everyone, can Tinnitus that was caused by a loud concert go away after 4 months? Also, how likely is it to go away completely? I read online that your ears can heal for up to 6 months or up to 1 year after loud noise exposure. I'm not sure if this is true or not though.
    2. SoulStation
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      Noise / Possible Medication
      Its possible. I've heard accounts of it going away. Just be very careful.
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    3. walkthroughwalls

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      I've also heard of one case where someone lost his noise-induced T after half a year or so.
    4. I who love music

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      Get some cotton in your ears now while they're trying to heal. They don't need any overexposure at this time. Good luck.
    5. AUTHOR

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      Hi, can noise induced tinnitus truly ever go away? I know that people can get temporary tinnitus after a loud concert but what about tinnitus afte a concert that persists for 4 months so far? I asked an audiologist this same question and from what I understand you can habituate but it never truly goes away. :( Is this true?
    6. LadyDi

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      Hi @Gemini81: There is no way to ever tell, 100 percent for certain, if anyone's tinnitus will resolve. There are stories of people's T leaving years after onset. And there also are hucksters out there who will tell you they guarantee they can make your tinnitus go away. They are lying (and probably want your money for some kind of cure or treatment).

      I think the one thing most would agree on is the longer you have your tinnitus, the more likely the chances are it will hang around. Tinnitus is considered "chronic" at one year. But I think its helpful to concentrate on the first thing your audiologist told you: people with tinnitus can, and do, habituate all the time.
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    7. tomm

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      Acoustic trauma (club drumming)
      @RaZaH on the forums recently mentioned that a friend of his with acoustic trauma had it go after 3 years. This person is probably lucky at that distance from onset rather than the norm but there is hope.

      Famous musicians such as Phil Collins and Chris Martin and suffer from T after prolonged acoustic trauma from music. One assumes these people could pay for the best medicine but still have it. is driven to create music whenever he is awake in order to mask it.

      At the end of the day, no one knows, and like LadyDi has said, the longer it sticks around, the less likely it is to go, but you'll likely habituate before long.

      Has your T gone down or changed character since you first got it?
    8. Sean

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      I think it should subside a lot but now you must protect ur ears for ever.
    9. s-viv

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      My tinnitus was caused by an atreyu concert back in 2007. It hasn't gone away, but it has gotten much better over the years. Now it is just mostly a low pitched drone with a few spikes now and then. It is permanent damage to your hair cells, unfortunately I don't think it will go away if it hadn't done so in the first few days.
      i would be apprehensive around loud noises, and using ear buds for awhile until it levels off. Make sure you keep ear plugs with at all times, you never know when you will be placed in a loud situation. even a loud bar can make it worse (which I recently experienced in my one ear).
      Best of luck and I hope it levels off to a manageable level.
    10. S.withnell

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      Hi Gemini81
      I've been to over 50 gigs now since I was 16 im now 26 and the first time I had t from a gig it took me months to get used to it and one day it did go away, but then I carried on going to gigs and tbh that's part to blame for my t.
      But if you have only been to one gig it has a chance it will settle back down but don't listen to music loud and don't go to any more gigs without having ear plugs.

      The first time I had t I was in a state I was only 16/17 I just listened to music to stop the noise whichn in the end made it worst. But it did settle . And I've been ill and I've had a bad spike but it will settle down for me. And you will learn to adjust to it, it's a pain but it doesn't hurt you and just keep your ears safe for now and don't listen to music and you'll do stand a better chance of it settling down.
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    11. John Meyers

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      Just One (1) Loud Rock Concert!
      Hello Gemini, I have T from a loud concert that took place 7 weeks ago.

      Did your T ever disappear or quiet down?

      I'm at a constant 5 or 6 noise level (out of 10). -- It is very annoying but not too bad when I stay busy and/or mask..

      Sincerely, John
    12. Blujay

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      From reading others' success stories, it appears that your very best chance to make your tinnitus go away or improve dramatically would be to wear earplugs whenever you leave the house for a long, long time, possibly years. This means wearing them in the car, on the street, in the grocery store--basically everywhere.

      This is hard to accept and cope with, and few have the patience to do it.

      Much of what you read tells tinnitus sufferers to use ear plugs only for volumes above 80 decibels. Many will suggest business as usual, and to use plugs only for very loud sounds. This is certainly the easiest lifestyle, and what everyone, including me, wants to hear. However, if you do that, your chances of healing may be slim.

      This is a little-talked-about subject, and it may be because people simply don't want to hear about a possible treatment that "might" work, yet requires religious and uncomfortable dedication for a long time. (Ironically, the alternative--carry on in the noisy world and mask the damage at night--appears to be an equally miserable yet accepted option.)

      But common sense would tell you that earplugs are the way to go. Below is a link to a sobering article, which shows how damage continues to occur to an ear for months after the initial injury--without even additional sound exposure. It also would explain why so many return to forums with worse tinnitus. Contrary to many debates you'll see, it appears from photos in this article that a previously damaged ear is certainly now prone to further injury.

      If this doesn't make you want to wear earplugs, nothing will.

      The "earplug treatment" for tinnitus should be discussed a lot more. There is a lot of support and airtime for many other topics. But people who attempt wearing ear plugs as a long-term attempted treatment need a whole boatload of support, too. You need a lot of encouragement to even consider it. If you have loud tinnitus, this is really, really hard. But earplug use for improving T is such an important possibility, it should really be tried, encouraged, and studied.

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