Can Tonal Tinnitus Also Be Pulsatile?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Kaelon, Dec 16, 2014.

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      I'm moving into my 7th week with constant, tonal tinnitus in both ears -- mine's at ~7,200 hertz, give or take -- and I started to notice that it is inherently "pulsatile", meaning that the tone grows louder and/or softer with each beat of my heart. When I exercise or walk briskly, the pacing increases. So it's definitely synchronized with my heartbeat.

      Yet, I've read elsewhere that tonal tinnitus isn't inherently pulsatile, and that for Tinnitus to truly be "pulsatile" (and thus have a traceable neuromuscular or neurovascular cause), it has to have some biological sounds (the "whooshing" or "clicking" or "thumping" sounds that most PT sufferers describe).

      So my question is simple: does your Tinnitus "pulse" -- change in volume or tone in sync with your heartbeat? Do you have pulsatile Tinnitus, or is your Tinnitus clearly neurological in origin? What about hearing loss - do you have it, and is your Tinnitus similarly pulsatile?

      Would love to hear from your experiences to learn whether or not Tinnitus can behave in this way, or if -- when it's tonal -- it's always a single, steady, continuous tone.

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