Can We Become Too Sensitive and Able to Hear Our Inner Noise?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Penelope33, May 25, 2014.

    1. Penelope33

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      I've basically been plugging my ears every day since my pulastile tinnitus went away, I only had that for 3 days as I wAs leaking spinal fluid. Blood patch resolved it all. Silence. Ahhhh, bliss. But I got freaked.
      I began listening out, sitting wondering what I could hear. When I first heard the tiny morse code type noise I freaked out. I began listening to my ears many times a day and heard the many noises and tones come on board over the months. I wonder if we can become too sensitive and able to hear inner noise, like being hyper aware....
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    2. Karen

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      Yes, I think we can be hyper aware of noises. The best way to combat that is to not spend so much time listening for them, and when they do appear, try not to care!!

      So happy for you that you resolved your pulsatile tinnitus. That is wonderful, and I hope it continues.
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    3. Yes I do believe we can become more in tune with our t noises.
    4. GMac14

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      Oct 30, 2013
      I also believe we can become hyper aware of inner noise and T. I have very mild tinnitus but can still hear it and focus on it in noisy areas like on the highway or in a busy mall. Other times I can put on my ear defenders (32 decibel reduction) and just barely hear the faint buzz/ring.
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    5. Stina

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      If I start to worry about mine I definitely hear it more:)
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    6. Mark Griffin

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      Completely agree with this. I discovered that 'Morse code' noise in my left ear after developing the main T in my right. If you listen out for sounds you will hear all sorts, i still do, buzzing, tapping, spasms you would normally ignore. Plus when you listen for them and they happen, you tune in to it and for some reason you will hear it more often. I'm trying to ignore all these noises myself and it's not easy.
    7. Sound Wave

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      Probably headphones
      Yes, absolutelly

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