Can't Sleep With New Tinnitus in Left Ear

Discussion in 'Support' started by Ben Jubel, Feb 18, 2014.

    1. Ben Jubel

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      Can't believe this. It's been 5+ months with tinnitus in right ear and decent sleep and now this terrible set back appears. Unfortunately the tinnitus spread to my left ear and seems to be louder and high pitch then the right. I am unable to sleep and dont know what to do :(

      I hope this is just a flare and will go away after some time but for now not even the music works!
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    2. DebInAustralia
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      Hi Ben,

      What you do is precisely what you did to adjust to the sound in your right ear. (in my opinion)

      Mine started in my right ear, then the central t, now noise in left ear too.

      Remember its a symptom of an error in your auditory circuit, and it is generated in your brain. You simply perceive it in your ear/s.

      Also remember that the noise is totally harmless. Aside from distressing/annoying you, the noise itself isn't going to hurt you.

      There is a really good section on insomnia at

      it states that t doesn't keep you awake, anxiety does. I didn't think this to begin with, but totally agree with this now.

      so its about managing your anxiety and getting quality sleep.

      what did you do about your anxiety 5 months ago that helped you get off to sleep?

      for me, I tried various things such as music, hypno cds, natural sleep aides....with limited success...

      I like to sleep with a fan, and to be tired before I lay down...

      I used diazepam twice in the beginning (2 months ago) to relax me, but haven't needed it since.

      I am doing hypnotherapy weekly along with listening to cds and that is really helping with managing my anxiety and the noise sensitivity.

      remember its normal to have fluctuations in your sounds and volume. it is a viscious cycle, since the more anxious you allow yourself to become, the more intrusive your symptom may seem. you must make sleep and anxiety management a priority.

      also, you are new to t still
      from what ive read and been told by others, its not abnormal for tones to change and switch from side to side.
      this is normal.
      it will settle when you settle.......focus on things that relax you if you can...its going to be just fine!

      have you got some sleeping aides? nice music? white noise? exercising helps burn off stress hormones that alleviate anxiety?
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    3. AUTHOR
      Ben Jubel

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      Yes I have been listing to music every night to keep my mind off the tinnitus. I have hearing loss and tinnitus in my right ear.
      I have been
    4. LeQuack

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      Bad luck and bad genes
      Sometimes when I think things couldn't get worse, tinnitus always find a way to make it worse. Sorry you are having trouble coping, I think it's pretty common for tinnitus to appear in the other ear as well, since after getting it we're far more alert and actively listening to it.
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      Ben Jubel

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      This sucks because now tinnitus is a whole new thing to my left ear. I notice it more wen I'm at the computer or sleeping :(
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    6. christine kauhane

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      june 9th 2013
      cute dog.... you wll find peace once more.... hang in there..
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    7. ajay

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      2 yrs
      May be this is due to deficiency of:
      1. Vit B12
      2. Vit D
      3. Serum Iron
      Carry our appropriate tests to evaluate the above. in my case all these parameters were low, particularly Iron was low, i started taking iron suppliments advised by the doctor, i am feeling much better now. if it works for u please share with as many sufferers as possible and to me also.
      also check if u have any allergy, and treat it.

      Best Wishes. :) Ajay
    8. Gosia

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      earplugs/ hearing loss
      Hi. I know it's a thread from 2014 ,but how have you been since?

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