Can't You Just Turn Up the Volume?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Champ, Jan 8, 2015.

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      Acoustic trauma from headphones
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      eardrum rupture from virus; barotrauma from ETD
      Great article! :cat:

      Have you tried any of these apps that attempt to play music which compensates for hearing loss? Here is an excerpt from the article:

      If you’re aiming to adjust for someone’s hearing loss, you also need to understand what type of correction to apply. For instance, if you notice that someone has a 30 dB loss at a particular frequency, adding 30 dB compression to that zone will actually make the sound worse for most people. This is the subtle art of fitting hearing algorithms to hearing patterns, which depends a lot on psychoacoustics, as well as a person’s preferences and specific types of loss.

      To understand what a difference this type of compensation can make, try out our app, SoundFocus, which is a free music player that tunes to your hearing pattern.

      A few months ago we also launched Amp, an iPhone case that upgrades all your sound by using better hardware (speakers and microphones) and tuning all the sound coming out of your phone to your hearing pattern, just like the SoundFocus player. It’s simply the best way to listen to music on your iPhone.​

      These programs might help people with hearing loss enjoy music again! :) So anyone reading this with hearing loss, should look at this article and consider trying one of the apps listed above.

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      Probably headphones
      Thanks for sharing! Very interesting article. However, I just tried the app and I did the 'hearing test' and here's the result -> perfect hearing. Sadly this is not the case. I have about -40dB drop around 8KHz and the decline starts around 6KHz. I can't hear anything above 11KHz in my left ear. So the app does not really wow me... unless I have had a miraculous recovery in my hearing!? :)


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